Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Have you ever wondered how people can earn so much money by uploading files? Is it true that we can make good money by joining file hosting affiliate programs? The answer is yes. I know many friends who could make thousands of dollars a month by uploading files and spreading them. There are many popular file uploading affiliate programs that you can join such as HotFile, FileSonic, FileServe…In this post, I want to talk about another file hosting which operating model differs from them. It has good pay rate which can help you make a lot of money. The site name is ShareCash.

File hosting sites usually pay you when someone downloads your file or they buy a premium from your link. Unlike that model, ShareCash pays you when someone finishes the surveys given by ShareCash. When a user clicks your ShareCash download link, he is requested to take some surveys before he can download your file. If your file is good and unique, he will complete the surveys for sure to get it. I have been testing ShareCash for a week, the conversion rate is so good. The pay rate is not bad too. I have an average rate $0.35-$0.6 for each download.

You may ask some questions like this why is someone willing to take the surveys to download a file? Or why would anyone download it if they can download from another site? If you can answer these questions, you can make a lot of money from ShareCash. One of the most important answers is you should try to upload something unique. Uploading files that people hardly find them anywhere else. They have only one choice that is to download your file. That’s the key to succeed with ShareCash.
You can upload anything to ShareCash except sexually explicit media or copyrighted files. The most popular way people often do is to upload password files to unlock something. This method always works well. There are many tips, techniques and ideas to make money with ShareCash. It depends on your smartness and creativeness. Good luck!

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